Yenching Academy at Peking University 2023 Fully-Funded Scholarship

If you’re looking to study in China, the Yenching Academy at Peking University is offering an interesting fully-funded scholarship opportunity for you to get started. The scholarship is open to students looking to further their studies across multiple fields of study and inquiry, and the perks are incredibly attractive for sure. 

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The scholarship is now open, and we’ll let you know everything about this awesome opportunity as you hope to get started. 

About The School

The Yenching Academy is a postgraduate college that is hosted by Peking University in Beijing, China. The Academy hosts the Yenching Program – a fully-funded global fellowship program that aims to cultivate leaders across different fields who will be able to advocate for the growth of their fields. 

The Yenching Academy is looking to build a proper bridge between China and the rest of the world by offering a cross-discipline Masters’ degree program across the country. The program is open to 120 awardees, with all of them having demonstrated sufficient levels of talent in innovation and leadership. 

The scholarship takes recipients to Yneching, where they are immersed in an intensive learning culture and environment that allows them to explore China and understand its role in shaping the world as we know it. Just as well, anyone looking to study in China will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to expand their horizons.

Amongst other things, the college’s objective will be to build a new generation of global leaders and citizens by providing a balanced understanding of Chinese culture and lifestyle. 

About the Scholarship 

Below is everything you would need to know about the Yenching Academy scholarship:


Peking university 

Degree level 

Masters’ Degree program 

Scholarship coverage 

Fully funded

Eligible Students

International students  

Number of Awardees 

120 awardees will be granted the funds they need to expand their education. 


The scholarship will cover several critical parts – including: 

  • A monthly stipend
  • Transportation costs to and from China 
  • Total tuition fee
  • Health insurance 
  • Accommodation 
  • Field study expenses 

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Peking University encourages al international students to apply 
  • Applicants must be at least 23 years old 
  • Applicants will need to hold responsibility in community engagement, leadership, and extracurricular activities
  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in their field of interest – held before August 31, 2023
  • Applicants must have a stellar academic record 
  • Interest in an interdisciplinary study of China 
  • Proficiency in the English Language

Required Documentation 

As part of your application, you will also need to have the following documents: 

  • A complete online application form 
  • A personal statement (no more than 750 words)
  • A Statement of Research Interest ( no more than 1,500 words, excluding the citations)
  • An updated resume 
  • An official transcript 
  • A Diploma or Certificate of Enrollment 
  • Two recommendation letters
  • An English proficiency test certificate  
  1. IELTS (Academic): Overall 7.0
  2. TOEFL (iBT): Overall 100
  3. Cambridge English Scale (Advanced): Overall 185
  4. CET 6: Overall 600
  5. TEM 4: Pass level of “良好” or above

How to Apply 

There is a full online application process for you to get started with the Yenching Academy at Peking University scholarship. You can get started by clicking the official portal here

Note that the application deadline closes on November 27, 2022.


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