Top 15 Scholarships in the Netherlands for International Students (Fully Funded)

The Netherlands is one of the most popular destinations for international students looking to get into Europe. The county offers several perks, including the possibility of getting free tuition at public universities, a relatively affordable living standard, and a lovely, multicultural environment.

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Just as well, many international students love the Netherlands because of its abundance of scholarship programs and initiatives. In this article, we’ll be going through some of the most popular scholarship programs available for international students looking to style in this country.

Top Dutch Scholarships for International Students

Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. It is geared towards international students outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) looking to complete their postgraduate degrees at a Dutch research university or a university of applied sciences.

This scholarship offers up to €5,000 in grants. However, it is worth noting that it is not a full-tuition scholarship. It is granted for a single year and can only be accessed once.

The Orange Knowledge Program

The Orange Knowledge Program has the objective of advancing capacity development. It empowers individuals in the field of higher and vocational education, as well as other fields related to the priority themes in program countries.

This scholarship covers Dutch universities that offer qualified and accredited courses through the Program. It is available for both short courses and Master’s degree programs, and it is targeted at mid-career professionals from a host of countries.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships

Hosted by Leiden University, this scholarship is open to outstanding students outside the EEA who are enrolling in full-time Master’s degrees. It covers all Master’s programs at the school, excluding LLM and M.Sc programs at the Leiden Law School.

This program has three awards:

• € 10,000 of the tuition fee

• € 15,000 of the tuition fee

• The complete tuition fee minus the statutory tuition fee

Maastricht University Holland High Potential Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship offers 24 full scholarships, each worth €30,000, to students from outside the European Union (EU) who have been admitted into Master’s degree programs at the university.

The High Potential scholarship is given to students for the duration of their Master’s program – 13 months for a one-year program, and 25 months for a two-year program. All in all, the scholarship covers the following:

  • Living expenses (€12,350 for 13 months and €23,750 for 25 months)
  • Tuition fee (at cost)
  • Health and liability insurance (€700)
  • Visa application fee (€207)
  • Pre-academic training costs

Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students

The Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students provides funding for non-EEA students to study English-taught Master’s degree programs at Radboud University. It offers up to 26 scholarships available, across all faculties at the university.

Here, students can get a partial scholarship that cuts their tuition fee to € 2,209. The scholarship will also cover visa costs, residence permit fees, and liability and health insurance. However, students looking to get the scholarship for the second year will need to have passed all courses in the first.

Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship is hosted by Utrecht University, and it offers study grants to several non-EEA international students to study for Master’s degrees in a selected number of fields. So, it is worth noting that not every Master’s degree program is eligible.

With this scholarship, students can get either tuition fees alone or tuition fees plus the required income linked to a residence permit for study per the policies of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarships for International Students at TU Delft

Hosted by the Delft University of Technology, this scholarship offers different excellence grants for international students. It covers all M.Sc programs at TU Delft, providing a two-year grant for the study. Usually, 2-3 students per faculty get the grant.

This scholarship includes a full tuition fee coverage per year at the M.Sc program based on the statutory fee or institutional rate, as well as a contribution to the student’s living expenses.

Eric Bleumink Scholarships at the University of Groningen

An initiative of the University of Groningen and the Eric Bleumink Fund, this scholarship is awarded to young researchers and students from international countries looking to complete their Master’s program at the university.

It covers all Master’s courses at the University of Groningen, and it covers:

  • Tuition fees
  • International travel costs
  • Health insurance
  • Boos
  • Subsistence fee

Amsterdam Merit Scholarships for Excellent International Students

The University of Amsterdam has always looked to attract the best and brightest students from around the world. With the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship, it hopes to do that on a grander scale. This scholarship covers Master’s degree programs across multiple faculties at the University of Amsterdam, including Sciences, Communications, Law, Economics and Business, Humanities, Medicine, and more.

Students who get approved for this scholarship can get between €2,000 and €25,000 in funds. The scholarship can also be supplemented by the Holland Scholarship in some cases.

University of Twente Scholarships (UTS)

This scholarship initiative is aimed at international students looking to study at the University of Twente – whether they’re from EU/EEA countries or not. It covers Master’s degree programs in several courses, ranging from Applied Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering to Educational Science and Technology and Business Administration.

All in all, about 50 students get approved for this scholarship – which ranges in value between € 3,000 and € 22,000 a year. In the case of a two-year program, awards can also get an additional scholarship equal to that of the first year as long as they meet the scholarship’s requirements

VU Amsterdam Fellowship Programme for International Students

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, via the VU Fellowship Programme, offers talented non-EU/EEA students the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree program. This fellowship covers all English-taught Master’s degree programs available at the university.

With this scholarship, students get their tuition fees covered alone. It can be granted for a one or two-year program, although it will only be extended for the second year if 10% of the credits in the first year are achieved.

Erasmus University Holland Scholarship

This scholarship is jointly financed by the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. Non-EEA students are the main target here, and it covers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs available at the university – except studies at the International Institute of Social Studies. It is also worth noting that only students of the Research Master in Philosophy and Economics are eligible if they’re heading to the Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil).

The total scholarship is valued at either € 5,000, € 10,000, or € 15,000. The faculty usually decides the final number.

L-EARN for Impact Scholarship

Also sponsored by the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, this scholarship is open to individuals in developing countries with a track record of supporting their countries’ development efforts. After completing their Master’s degree programs, awardees will commit to returning to their home countries and using their new skills toward social and economic development.

Students looking to get this scholarship can pursue any Master’s degree program at the Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus Medical Centre, or the Erasmus School of History, Culture, and Communication. The scholarship covers a total of € 15,000, with an additional waiver of tuition fees if applicable.

Rotary Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Professionals

Sponsored by the Rotary Foundation and the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, this scholarship aims to offer grants to Rotary clubs and districts to select and sponsor students to the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education annually.

The scholarship particularly funds a 2-month Master in Science program in Water & Sustainable Development. The scholarship is worth about €36,000, with the funding to cover costs concerning the academic program – including international travel.

Hague Academy Talent for Governance Program for Developing Countries

Talent for Governance selects people with a strong passion for making a difference. The talent program covers a training course at the Hague Academy for Local Governance, as well as an internship at a Dutch municipality and global networking facilities.

This scholarship covers all costs related to the study – from tuition fees and travel costs to accommodations and living expenses.


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