The Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship at Dalhousie University, Canada 2024-25

An exciting offer is here for all prospective master’s students who want to make the next big move in their careers. With the Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship at Dalhousie University and a potential funding offer that is worth $40,000 and covers one academic year of full-time study, applicants are adequately catered for. The scholarship is renewable only after prospective beneficiaries pass an annual progress assessment. The award can be held for a maximum of 24 months of full-time study. Fees are not waived and must be paid from the reward.


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Also, the scholarship program introduces a new award annually. Please note that all current award holders must email by August 1st to apply for renewal.

A Background

The Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship at Dalhousie University was modeled after Abdul Bader, who was born in Tehran, Iran’s capital, in 1949. After finishing his primary education, he moved to Great Britain to finish his secondary education. He then went to the United States for further education. He returned to Iran shortly before the Islamic Revolution, having earned a Master of Arts in Law & Diplomacy from Tufts University’s Fletcher School. A series of events, including his father’s death and the establishment of Iran’s Islamic Republic, shifted Mr. Bader’s career trajectory. Following that, he devoted his efforts to managing a private inherited business.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Bader had the opportunity to become a permanent resident of Canada. Some years later, he became a Canadian citizen. With no immediate relatives, Mr. Bader opted to leave a large portion of his Canadian assets to Dalhousie University in order to establish the Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship fund for foreign doctorate and master’s students. After learning about the high tuition costs for these students, Mr. Bader decided that the scholarship should go to international students, with a preference for Iranian students who live in Iran. In this fashion, Mr. Bader sought to give back to his hometown and his new nation of Canada, which, he argues, has been most compassionate to those like him.

What the Scholarship Offers

Successful applicants for the Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship get to receive $40,000 per year for up to two years. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the opportunity, applicants have to meet certain requirements as listed below:

  • Iranian applicants are given preferences for the award, with international students being considered if there are no Iranian candidates. 
  • Students with first-class academic standing (>3.7/4.3)  in their last two years of academic study may apply. Preference is given to students who have not yet started their degree or are in the first year of their PhD program at the time of application.
  • Students enrolled in a master’s program at the time of application are not eligible to apply.
  • Students who have applied to master’s programs are eligible to apply.
  • Students who are enrolled in or have applied to doctoral programs are eligible to apply.

NOTE: Only doctoral and masters applicants are eligible.

Application Procedure

Follow the process below on how to apply for the Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship at Dalhousie University for the 2024-25 academic session: 

  • Applications for the Bader scholarship are received through the Harmonized Scholarship Process. 
  • Applicants who indicate Iranian citizenship in their Harmonized Scholarship application will be automatically entered into the competition for this award.
  • One new award is made each year.
  • Apply through the Harmonized Scholarship Process.
  • Your department will review your application and nominate you if eligible.
  • Check with your department for an internal deadline. (General deadline remains January 16, 2025)

NOTE: Applicants are encouraged to consult their program of study for internal deadlines and submit all materials accordingly. The university, located in Halifax, is recognized for its friendly community and rich history.

Apply now and contribute to innovative research aligned with the Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship. For detailed information about the Awards at Dalhousie University and application guidelines, please visit the official scholarship link.

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