The Fulbright program is for foreign students and foreign language teaching assistants provided by the binational Fulbright Foundations and the U.S embassy. All foreign students and FLTA Program applications go through these offices.

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The Fulbright scholarship is one of the world’s best scholarships as well as one of the most important and prestigious. The Fulbright scholarship is a fully funded, merit-based scholarship offered for only Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

Every year thousands of students receive this scholarship as part of the international educational exchange program aimed at developing mutual understanding among different nations through cultural and educational exchanges.

The scholarships have been provided by The United States of America since 1946 to help creative and intelligent foreign students pursue their graduate studies and conduct world-class research.


Host Country: The United States of America

Host Institutions: USA Universities and Academic Institutions.

Level of Study: Masters and Ph.D.

Courses Offered: All courses including interdisciplinary courses

Deadline: Between February to October.


  1. It is important to note that eligibility requirements as well as application guidelines are unique and specific to each country. Therefore applicants should visit the website and select their country to view these requirements and guidelines.
  2. Over 150 countries are eligible for this scholarship.
  3. This application requires that the candidate provides proof of English proficiency.
  4. Applications made by permanent residents will not be considered. Only U.S citizens are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  5. Applicants who have been living abroad for five or more years in a six years period before the application are ineligible for this scholarship.
  6. Recipients of a Fulbright scholarship are only eligible to apply for another one two years after the completion of the previous one.
  7. Employees of the U.S Department of State and their immediate families i.e. spouses and children are not eligible for this scholarship until at least one year after such employment has ended.
  8. Administrators and candidates with professional experience are encouraged to apply because applications listing Ph.D.s and other terminal degrees are highly appreciated.


  1. Your application can be completed online: There is no separate application fee required for The Fulbright Scholarship. All essential documents should be submitted online, before the application deadline.
  2. All required academic documents should be submitted.

All academic transcripts from a four-year or three-year Bachelor’s degree as well as an ACCA are acceptable for the Master’s degree program.

Ph.D. applicants must submit their MPhil or Master’s degree transcripts to be considered for this scholarship.

Final-year undergraduate students can also apply as long as they get their degrees by December of this year.

  1. Take the GRE general test and TOEFL: Please note the following about the GRE test and TOEFL:
    1. GRE general test scores are required at the time of the application.
    2. If you have taken the GRE test more than once, you are allowed to submit your best score and you will be considered based on only that score.
    3. A reasonable GRE general test score will be considered I.e. at least 310.
    4. Generally, the applicants that have been accepted had GRE scores in the upper percentiles.
    5. TOEFL is not needed for the application, you will however have to take it if you are called for an interview.
    6. IELTS is not acceptable
  2. Project statements are required by all applicants of this scholarship.
  3. The bibliography is required for research or teaching activities
  4. Syllabi are required by candidates applying for teaching activities
  5. A portfolio is required for art disciplines.
  6. Prepare two essays.
    1. Two essays are required for the Fulbright scholarship
    2. Each essay should be approximately 800 words.
    3. Only clear, well-written essays will be accepted.
  7. Three references are required either two academic references and one professional reference or two professional references and one academic reference.

Candidates must be able to provide one of each.

  1. It is very important that the candidate is able to provide an academic resume.
  2. All candidates should apply online.
  3. Interview: After your application has been submitted, the most promising candidates are usually selected for an interview which takes between 15 to 35 minutes depending on the panel. The interview usually takes place in September. If you have not been contacted by October, it usually means your application has been


  1. A letter of invitation may also be required.


    1. GPA: A solid GPA helps to improve an applicant’s chances of being selected for this award
    2. Schools Attended
    3. Courses are taken before the application(i.e. undergraduate and graduate courses)
    4. Performance in prior courses
    5. GRE general test: Applicants with GRE general test scores in the high percentiles have previously been selected for this award.
    6. TOEFL.
    7. Content of your essay
    8. References
    9. Interview.
    10. Applicants’ training/background experience
    11. Previous Fulbright Award: Preference is given, to applicants who have not been recipients of Fulbright scholarships, especially within the last ten years.
    12. Veteran Status: Preference is given, to the veterans of the U.S armed forces when all other factors are equivalent
    13. Cultural preparation: Preference will be given to applicants who display the ability to be adaptable and culturally sensitive as such candidates can serve as cultural ambassadors for the U.S.
    14. Diversity and Geographical Inclusion: This program aims to ensure and maintain diversity in U.S society.


  1. Full tuition
  2. Living stipends
  3. Health insurance
  4. Visa fee
  5. Textbooks
  6. Airfare
  7. A computer
  8. Settling-in allowance
  9. Accommodation allowance.


The Fulbright scholarship began in 1946 and aims to encourage and nurture the best talents in young and creative individuals. It provides between two to five years of funding to deserving students for graduate and Ph.D. level study or research in a university in the United States. This is a global education exchange program for both students and professionals aim is to enhance correspondence between the U.S and other countries in the world.


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