United Nations University Postgraduate Scholarship 2023

UNU (United Nations University) is a world-class Post Graduate teaching University (owned and managed by) the United Nations with its headquarters in Shibuya, Japan.

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The goal and mission of the UNU are to provide solutions to the problems of human survival, development, and well-being for its member states through outstanding education and research.

To achieve this, the United Nations formed an alliance and association with some top Universities in its member States to link the international education community and the United Nations. 

This alliance aims to provide capacity-building and problem-solving opportunities to developing Nations. The UNU has spread its academic activities to about 15 universities worldwide.

The UNU scholarship targets postgraduate students from developing countries seeking better educational opportunities in top universities worldwide.

Beneficiaries of the UNU scholarships are entitled to monthly stipends that will last them throughout their studies (24 months). For students in Japan, the monthly allowance is fixed at 120,000 JPY and is to be used to cover students’ daily expenses.

The student will cover other expenses such as travel, health, visa handling fees, and insurance fees. However, the student is only entitled to a tuition waiver in whatever UNU university they are admitted into. 

Prof. Dr. Konrad Osterwalder, the immediate past rector of UNU, made efforts to enable the University to confer postgraduate degrees on qualified students. As a result, the first set of doctoral studies was launched in late 2010, with the students earning postgraduate degrees two years later.

Eligibility Criteria | United Nations University Postgraduate Scholarship 2023

  • Students who wish to participate or apply for the UNU scholarship program must meet the following eligibility criteria.
  •  A Master’s degree in any discipline related to Economics, international relations, business administration, or health sciences.
  • Basic mathematics or statistics knowledge from present or past studies or work experience.
  • Applicants must have taken economics, social science, political science, or law course at one time or the other or have work experience related to any fields as mentioned above.
  • Applicants must be proficient in English with a minimum level of 100 IBT from TOEFL or a 7.0 from IELTS or an equivalent recognized test. (Applicants from English-speaking countries who received a Bachelor’s or a Master’s in an English-speaking University are exempted.

How To Apply

  • The UNU scholarship for the 2023 academic session starts in November. Applicants can apply by visiting the UNU website. The following documents will be required for the online application.
  • Original Copies of all relevant grades and certificates, Transcripts, and a brief explanation of your university grading system.
  • A proof of English speaking proficiency; a test score from bodies recognized by the UNU
  • Three letters of recommendation, either from your University or an employer
  • An essay from a student indicating their course/interest research.
  • A CV/Resume from the applicant
  • A recent passport photo of the applicant
  • A copy of the applicant’s international passport
  • Applicant must provide details about their present job






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