Transform Together Scholarships at Sheffield Hallam University, UK 2024-25

The Transform Together Scholarships at Sheffield Hallam University are a big help for international students. In 2024-25, these scholarships will cut the cost of tuition in half for students starting full-time courses. It’s a chance for students from all over the world to come and study in the UK without worrying so much about the fees.

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This scholarship is for students who have done well in their studies and are ready to start a new chapter at Sheffield Hallam. It’s for those who want to learn and grow in a new place and who can also be great representatives for the university.

A Background

Sheffield Hallam University has been giving out these scholarships to support students from outside the UK. The idea is to make it easier for them to come and study at Sheffield Hallam. The scholarships show the university’s commitment to bringing together students from different backgrounds and helping them succeed.

The history of the scholarship is tied to the university’s goal of being open and accessible to students from all walks of life. It’s about making sure that money doesn’t stop talented students from getting a good education. Every year, the university picks students who have shown they can do great things and helps them get started on their journey at Sheffield Hallam.

What the Scholarship Offers

The Transform Together Scholarships at Sheffield Hallam University offers a funded opportunity for prospective applicants as follows:

  • Scholarships are for Undergraduates and Graduate Students: A 50% tuition discount is offered as a half-fee waiver.
  • Scholarship recipients’ eligibility is limited to their first year of undergraduate education.
  • There are no refunds or postponements to a later start date for these scholarships, which are applied as a reduction in tuition fees. For any course of study, you are only eligible to receive one scholarship or grant.

Eligibility Criteria

Please note that eligibility varies across each of the available fellowships, and as such, eligibility for every fellowship will be stated. To be eligible for the opportunity, applicants have to meet certain requirements as listed below:

  • Admission: Accepted into a full-time undergraduate or graduate taught the program at Sheffield Hallam University, with an expected September 2024 start date.
  • Fee Status: Do you fall within the category of an overseas student who must pay fees?
  • Self-financing: Do you have the ability to pay for your education entirely on your own, without the assistance of the government, organizations, employers, or scholarship providers? Donations from friends or relatives are regarded as self-financed.
  • Financial Capability: You have the extra money to cover any course expenses (such as field trip costs) and the remaining balance of your tuition.
  • English and academic requirements: Fulfill the academic and English language criteria applicable to the course.
  • Extra criteria for candidates pursuing postgraduate degrees:
    • Academic Achievement: Have an undergraduate degree with at least a 2.1 or the equivalent.
    • Previous Postgraduate Student: Do not have any prior postgraduate degrees from the UK or elsewhere and are enrolled in postgraduate study for the first time.

Application Procedure

Follow the process below on how to apply for the Transform Together Scholarships at Sheffield Hallam University for the 2024-25 academic session: 

  • Course Enrollment: Use the University’s online prospectus to apply for the degree you’ve selected.
  • Application for Scholarship: Apply online for the Transform Together Scholarship.
  • Send In Your Transcripts: send your academic transcripts to 
  • You must input your eight-digit student identification number (SI) into the scholarship application form after your course application has been processed. Make sure you include this number on your scholarship application form.

NOTE: The deadline for this offer is May 31, 2024.

For detailed information about the Transform Together Scholarships at Sheffield Hallam University and application guidelines, please visit the official scholarship link.

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