Intercultural Global AFS Scholarship for Female Students In STEM, USA 2024-25

The Intercultural Global AFS Scholarship is a unique chance for young women passionate about STEM to connect across cultures. In 2024-25, this U.S.-based program is set to support girls who are ready to tackle global challenges. It’s a scholarship that’s all about diving deep into STEM subjects and coming up with solutions that matter.

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This program isn’t just about studying; it’s about joining a global community. It’s for girls who want to learn, share, and grow with others from different backgrounds. And it’s fully funded, so you can focus on what’s important: making a difference.

A Background

The world of STEM is exciting, but not enough women are part of it. That’s where the Intercultural Global AFS Scholarship steps in. It’s designed to change the game, to open doors for girls who have the smarts and the drive but need the opportunity.

This scholarship is about more than just good grades. It’s for girls who see the bigger picture and who understand that STEM can help solve real-world problems. It’s a 12-week journey of learning, sharing, and creating, all leading to a project that could change the world.

What the Scholarship Offers

The Intercultural Global AFS Scholarship for Female Students In STEM offers a funded opportunity for prospective applicants as follows:

  • After completing the course, scholars are granted the University of Pennsylvania Center for Social Impact Strategy and AFS’s Advanced Certificate on Global Competence for Social Impact.

Eligibility Criteria

Please note that eligibility varies across each of the available fellowships and as such, eligibility for every fellowship would be stated. To be eligible for the opportunity, applicants have to meet certain requirements as listed below:

  • Accepting young ladies from all across the world;
  • Must be between the ages of 15 and 17.5 when the program begins;
  • The capacity to completely engage in a totally English-language curriculum, both in a classroom and virtually;
  • A passion for global skills, sustainability, and STEM fields;
  • Inquisitive and readiness to learn about different civilizations and engage with peers from across the world;
  • Possess a smartphone, computer, or other digital device to see the material of the cloud-based session;
  • A built-in camera and microphone for use during online chat sessions;
  • steady wifi or internet access;
  • Applications are highly encouraged from talented young women from all backgrounds who represent the diversity of populations worldwide, especially those disadvantaged in the field and those with significant monetary constraints.

Application Procedure

Follow the process below on how to apply for the Intercultural Global AFS Scholarship for Female Students In STEM for the 2024-25 academic session: 

  • Start Early: Mark your calendar. The application for Cohort 2 opens on May 1.
  • Eligibility Check: Make sure you’re between 15-17.5 years old at the program start date.
  • Language Skills: You need to be fluent in English to participate fully.
  • Online Application: Fill out the application form on the AFS website.
  • Recommendations: Get two recommendations from people who know your passion for STEM.
  • Academic Records: Prepare your latest school transcripts to submit.
  • Personal Statement: Write about why you want to join and what you hope to achieve.
  • Project Proposal: Outline a STEM project you’re interested in working on.
  • Interview: If selected, be ready for an online interview.

NOTE: The deadline for this offer is July 1, 2024

For detailed information about the Intercultural Global AFS Scholarship for Female Students In STEM and application guidelines, please visit the official scholarship link.

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