Fully-funded Schwarzman Masters Scholarship, China 2024-25

The Schwarzman Scholars program is a gateway to a world-class education, offering a fully-funded Master’s degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing. For the academic year 2024-25, this scholarship is set to shape the future leaders who will bridge the gap between China and the global community. The program is anchored in a rigorous Master of Global Affairs degree, designed to build leadership abilities and deepen understanding of China’s role in worldwide trends.

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Scholars will benefit from an immersive experience that goes beyond textbooks, providing a unique perspective through a year spent in China. This experience is enriched by a curriculum crafted by leading academics, aimed at honing the scholars’ leadership skills and expanding their global vision.

A Background

The application process for the Schwarzman Scholars program is competitive, with a deadline of September 12, 2024. Candidates are selected based on their leadership qualities, intellectual abilities, and potential to understand and bridge cultural and political differences. The scholarship covers tuition, room and board, travel to and from Beijing, in-country study tours, required course books and supplies, health insurance, and a stipend for personal expenses.

The program begins in August 2025, and during their time at Tsinghua University, scholars will engage with an international network of leaders, innovators, and academics. This network serves as a foundation for future collaboration and mutual understanding, aligning with the program’s vision of fostering a community of global leaders well-versed in China’s role in global affairs.

What the Scholarship Offers

The Fully-funded Schwarzman Masters Scholarship offers a funded opportunity for prospective applicants as follows:

  • Program costs will be organized and reimbursed for semi-finalist assessment operating costs, including economy class airfare or rail travel, group dinners, and one night at a hotel if necessary.
  • In addition, the grant scheme FULLY covers the costs of successful Schwarzman Scholars.
  • A small personal stipend, necessary course materials and supplies, a Lenovo laptop and smartphone, medical coverage, room and board, travel to and from Beijing at the start and conclusion of the academic year, an in-country study tour, and tuition and fees are all included.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the opportunity, applicants have to meet certain requirements as listed below:

  • First degree from a reputable college or university, or an undergraduate degree, or the equivalent. Before orientation starts on August 1, 2024, applicants who are enrolled in undergraduate degree programs must be on pace to satisfactorily complete all degree requirements. There are no prerequisites for a particular undergraduate subject; all subjects are acceptable. However, candidates must explain how Schwarzman Scholars would enable them to fulfil their potential as leaders in their area, regardless of their college major.
  • As on August 1, 2024, applicants must be at least 18 but not older than 29.
  • Nationality or citizenship are not prerequisites.
  • Fluency in English. Since all instruction will be in English, applicants must have a solid command of the language. The results of any certified English proficiency tests must be sent with the application if the candidate does not speak English as their first language. Acceptable choices for testing are:
    • The TOEFL PBT is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, whereas the TOEFL iBT is an online version of the same test.
    • The IELTS, or International English Language Testing System
    • Applicants who have graduated from an undergraduate program where English has been the major medium of instruction for at least three years are exempt from this requirement.

Application Procedure

Follow the process below on how to apply for the Fully-funded Schwarzman Masters Scholarship for the 2024/25 academic session: 

  • Applying to the Schwarzman Scholars program is free of charge. In order to apply, you must fill out an online application and submit it successfully before the deadline, along with any necessary supporting documentation and essays.

NOTE: The deadline for this offer is September 12, 2024.

For detailed information about the Fully-funded Schwarzman Masters Scholarship and application guidelines, please visit the official scholarship link.

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