CYD Master Thesis Fellowships for International Students in Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) is a proud sponsor of the CYD Master Thesis Fellowship, which offers an opportunity for motivated and talented international students to perform their research work at an institution of higher learning in Switzerland.

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With this Fellowship, awardees are given funds to help them further their education, with availability for different postgraduate degree programs – Master’s, Ph.D., and even Post-Doctorate degrees. International students of all disciplines are welcome to apply for the fellowship, although it is worth noting that it is highly competitive.

A Background

The EPFL is one of the most prestigious learning institutions in Switzerland. For decades, the institution has been dedicated to providing a first-rate education for talented young professionals, welcoming students and researchers from over 120 countries.

With the CYD Master Thesis Fellowship, the EPFL is looking to play a critical role in heralding the shift towards a more sustainable society that hinges on technological innovation.

What the Fellowship Offers

The CYD Master Thesis Fellowship offers funding for different postgraduate degree programs – ranging from a 6-month Master’s thesis to a 4-year Ph.D. program and even up to two years of Post-Doctoral work. Accepted disciplines are primarily those linked with cyber defense, with researchers able to work under the supervision of a professor.

With this fellowship, successful applicants stand to get the following:

Master’s Fellows

  • A living allowance equivalent to CHF 2‡000 per month.
  • A maximum of CHF 1‡500 in research costs

Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Salary contribution (including social security benefits) depending on the appropriate salary scale for the applicant’s position
  • A maximum of CHF 3‡000 in research costs per year
  • A maximum of CHF 6‡000 in conference costs per year

Eligibility Criteria

Master’s Thesis Fellows

  • There are no age restrictions
  • Applicants should be enrolled in a Master’s degree program at a higher institution of learning in Switzerland
  • They will also need an express endorsement from a professor at their institution who is willing to supervise them

Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • There are no age restrictions
  • Applicants will need to have the endorsement of professors willing to supervise them as of the submission of their Stage 2 application
  • The fellowship only takes applicants willing to conduct their Post-Doctoral research with funding from a Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship in a different lab from the one where they had their Doctoral research.

Application Procedure

  • Stage 1: Applicants submit their proposals, which will be evaluated by a CYD Campus internal committee. The vetting will be done based on several criteria, including the candidate’s fit with the CYD Campus and the proposal’s fit with the program
  • Stage 2: Shortlisted applicants will be assigned a mentor on the CYD Campus. Mentors will be able to interview applicants to determine if they will be willing to endorse and supervise them.


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