Top 5 Cheapest European Countries for International Students

Europe is arguably the continent that gets the highest number of applications from international students. The continent is one of the most prosperous in the world, and students are generally drawn to the fact that countries accommodate international students looking to settle.

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However, as many who have done so will tell you, studying abroad isn’t necessarily a cheap endeavor. And with many of these European countries having strong economies, their currencies also tend to increase in value relative to others.

Nevertheless, there are affordable European countries available for anyone looking to school. We’ll look into some of them below:

The Cheapest Countries to Study in Europe


Germany is one of Europe’s largest economies. The country is also known for its technological advancement, impressive quality in terms of higher education, and strong economy. If you’re an innovative international student looking to further your education, this is one country you might want to consider.

In Germany, one of the primary benefits is that students at public universities don’t have to pay any fees for undergraduate degrees. Even Ph.D. students at some of these universities can study free of charge. That said, you do have to pay a fee for enrollment, confirmation, and administration every semester. Still, when you consider how much you’d actually be saving, you’ll find that this is quite affordable.

If you’re a Master’s student but didn’t study for your undergraduate degree in Germany, then you might have to pay about 10,000 Euros per semester. However, you can avail yourself of different scholarship opportunities.

To top it all, Germany is also quite an affordable country to live in. The country offers cheap student housing, as well as discounts on several public and commercial services.


Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And over the years, the country has invested a significant portion of that wealth in its education system.

Scandinavian countries are known for their relatively high living costs, but Norway is especially friendly towards students. Here, you will also be able to study at many public universities free of charge – in fact, most universities require tuition fees only for students from other European countries. Even if you might have to pay some fees per semester, they’re usually quite affordable.

Besides this, Norway has several English-taught programs across multiple study levels. And with an impressive standard of living, Norway is easily a great attraction for students.


You might be surprised that France is being included in this list but it is actually one of the cheapest countries in Europe for international students.

Tuition fees for domestic and international students are the same, and they are highly subsidized. Some public universities also offer free tuition to students from countries in the European Economic Area (EEA). So, there are several opportunities for you to enjoy the best of the best. As expected, there are also several high-profile scholarship programs available that can help you save money on your overall fees.

All of this is coupled with the fact that France has one of the highest educational standards in the world. And when you consider its impressive social life, you’ll find that France definitely is one place to be.

The Netherlands

One of the most physically stunning countries in the world, the Netherlands is a country where foreign students will be able to get high-quality, affordable education.

To be fair, there aren’t many schools in the Netherlands that will offer free education to students. However, tuition fees in the country are highly affordable nonetheless. You will have to pay some money for tuition annually, but it’s not as much as what you’d usually pay in most industrialized European countries.

That said, you should also note that students from countries in the European Union and European Economic Area are usually given more priority when it comes to international student placement in the Netherlands. Also, factors like your university, field and degree type will have significant impacts on the fees you have to pay as well.


It might not be the most popular European country out there, but Austria is one place you might want to give some fair consideration as you work out where to study in Europe.

In Austria, students are given the same level of consideration. Even more interesting is the fact that several schools in the country allow students to study for free for up to two semesters, regardless of their degree level. After this, they pay fees every semester – usually not up to 1,000 Euros.

Living costs in Austria are also highly manageable, so there are quite a lot of upsides to this country.

Why Study in Europe?

European countries have continually been the top destination for international students looking to study and further their education. And it’s easy to see why.

The biggest reason, of course, is the fact that European countries usually have higher educational standards than countries on most other continents. This means that you have a higher chance of learning better and enjoying stronger qualifications overall when you study in Europe.

Just as well, European countries are growing more diverse as time goes on. This increased diversity tends to help international students, who feel more welcome and accepted even while being miles away from home.


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